Our values

Greetings to all

We are a Jordanian company registered under the name of Abdul Halim Al Harbawi Foundation

We are a Herbawi Shop website

We offer you our services of rich materials of interest and your requirements and needs of

    *Healthy foods

Keto materials – for dieting – for diabetics – low carbs – weight stabilization – wheat allergens – and all allergies

  *  Cosmetics

All cosmetics and beauty products for personal use for skin, hair and prevention

   * We are fully prepared to meet your special requests for any products from abroad, the country, within 10 – 13 days that are not available to us or in the local markets with international brands and are not available in Jordan

* Dietary supplements and vitamins

We have rich materials in vitamins and nutritional supplements of international brands and specifications

   We have all kinds of oils for skin, hair and health treatments

    * A special section for agricultural, curative and health seedlings

    * A special section for spices, health food

It is made of natural materials and herbs with materials such as Himalayan salt and…. It is suitable for all people. It is healthy natural spices and has a wonderful taste, delicious smell, quality and high specifications.